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I had to have my operating system reinstalled on my imac so that it had all files, documents, etc removed when I picked it up.   I started to do a restore from time machine through wifi.   It is taking many hours to do so (over 75 hours to start, now 40 hours left)    Can I stop the process before it's finished?   And what do I need to do to restore through the ethernet cable which I assume will be faster?   Will some data be on the imac from the previous restore through wifi and will that create a problem?

iMac, restore through time machine
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    You can't stop the restore. Also, note that Wi-Fi and Ethernet restores take a lot. If you can use FireWire or Thunderbolt to restore the backup (if your external disk has got a FireWire or Thunderbolt port), it will be much faster

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    I thought the ethernet route would be faster than wifi.   In any case, we have a time machine/capsule that is a few years old and I don't believe it has a firewire or Thunderbolt port.    And I don't believe the imac, which is about 4 years old, has either the firewire or thunderbolt ports.   It seems like i will have to wait days before the restore is complete.

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    Ethernet is just a bit faster than Wi-Fi. As you have a Time Capsule, you can only use Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Also, how big is your backup?