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I tunes no longer see;s my ipod...please help

iPod nano, Windows Vista
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    I had the same problem and read here and some other places hours of solutions that part of the worked and part didn't.

    Eventually I tried something simple and it worked for me:


    1- Go to the WI-FI icon (up at the menu bar, at the top of the screen) (-I am assuming that you don't know where it is, if you do, just go to 2- there is a triangle with bars and rounded edge. This is the WIFI icon).

    2- Click on it and then disable the WIFI connection (click on "Turn WI-FI off").

    3- Wait some seconds and turn it on again.

    4- My iPod appears in the iTunes side bar now.


    That's all I do and, as I said, it works for me.

    Hope it will work for you too.