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The reason i think the graphics chip may be broken is because it worked right up until i disabled automatic graphics switching forcing it to use the dedicated graphics. I have tried resetting the PRam and the Power Management but nothing work and im well out of warrenty so this is likely to cost me a fortune at the apple store :S. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Solved by sanjampet on Jan 27, 2013 11:49 AM Solved
I don't know the policy in the UK? (just a guess from the lingo) In the U.S. Apple has a flat repair rate.  had a 15' lodgic board replaced (twice, first was bad) Hard drive,led back lighting, and the keyboard for $330.00. It s my kids and I did not want to spend the $$$$ if I could avoid it. It also cme with a 90 day warranty. You might want to check if something like that is aavailable to you as well.  By the by the MBP was a 2008 and after the repairs ahs been flawless. Cretainly would not hurt to check, unless you have wagons of quid to toss around.
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Bad solder joint maybe, hope it lasts and the heat didn't stres out any compnents.  Cheers

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