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After years of having all of my iTunes music on an external drive, I upgraded the Macbook's HD and decided to move the songs back. After doing so and pointing iTunes to the new location, it still asks me to click and find each file (which would take forever with 100GB of music).


-The ITL file and everything else has been on the Mac HD in Users/Music/iTunes with only the music on the external drive in a folder called "iTunes". All I did was cut and paste every file from the external folder into Users/Music/iTunes/iTunesMusic which was previously empty. I changed the location, it did its updating, but nothing is being located. Everything is the same as before.


-Every time I locate a song it creates a new folder called music and puts the identified tracks in there.


-Is there a script I can use to locate all of the songs since they're all right in that folder? The only thing that has changed is that they moved. For some reason iTunes isn't playing them even though I changed the location under preferences.

Mac OS X (10.6.8)