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  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (47,570 points)

    grahamm_6t9 wrote:


    ...or for Apple to acknowledge that this shouldn't happen when the phone has 70% charge and it's 10°c?

    Apple, magical though they might seem to be, cannot rewrite the laws of physics and electro chemistry.


    However, what you're describing sounds like it may be something completely different. Perhaps it's time to take your iPhone into the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store.

  • grahamm_6t9 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I disagree, they seem to be breaking them happily in this instance.


    The genius bar chaps suggested a software restore might fix this.  I'll go through the motions and do as I'm told by them before I suggest a new device.

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    I have a Samsung and it is not doing this ... my daughter's iphone 5 does it all the time when she is outside. I called Apple and the person I spoke to seemed surprised and as though she had never heard of this problem.  We live in Northern Canada ... it is always cold here in the winter.  I have advised my daughter to keep it in her inside pocket and we shall see ... she can't use it then, though, you know some people are always on their phones .....

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    I got different phones and I never had this problem. At the moment I am carrying both the 4s and 3GS with me.


    The 3GS works fine in cold weather. it is the 4s that shuts off. It keeps happening the last few days as the Weather here in London gone down. It was OK up to last week. It doesn't have to be below  0C, any temp below 8 my experience.


    Will a battery replacement help?


    At the moment I can't hold a conversation very long before the phone goes off or I have to hold it with my full palm to keep it warm.


    It is a shame such a nice phone and so expensive to have that problem.





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    I had the 3GS and never had an issue even in Alaska in -30 degree weather. This 4S has been the biggest pile of crap I have ever owned. This battery issue is just one of multiple issues with this phone. I can`t even take this thing camping in summer. In the morning when its 45 degrees out, its shut down and will not boot. The only way to get it to power on is to plug it in to an external power pack. Will never ever own another Apple product. Just Bought the HTC One and its 10 times the smart phone that the iphone is.

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    My iPhone 5 is shutting down when 75% of battery and outside 7ºC when writing just a simple text. Cannot help myself, but I have never experience this king of behaviour on prevous models of iPhone.

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    I have a 4s and it's certinaly much worse than the 3G in terms of cold weather shutdown. That said, I don't recall it being as bad last winter as it is so far this winter. Could iOS7 have anything to do with a problem like this? I doubt it. It's annoying. I live in Minnesota, having a phone that completely shuts down below 32 is kind of silly.

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    Just to add to my later observation.


    I have ordered a new battery from ebay made in Japan higher mAh than the original from iPhone and my problem is sorted.

    So far it didn't shut down in cold weather.


    I hope that helps...





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    i've had the same issues as described. 70% battery, take it out of my pocket while it's toasty to answer a call or check maps. once i hit the sleep button, the next time i wake it, it's at 11% or something stupid. if i attempt to unlock the phone, it shutsdown. once it warms back up, i turn it back on, and it shows a percentage in the 40's, and the cycle continues as described above, with the occasional jump back up to high 60's.


    i went to the genius bar yesterday, took diagnostics off the device, and the guy told me almost instantly that the battery was faulty. proceded to tell me that it's $80 to replace the battery.


    this is my third iphone 5 since sept '12 due to hardware issues.

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    I can understand why this would happen, but my only concern is.... Isn't this a safety hazard? I walk home from work most nights, and I work late. I don't feel half as safe in the winter time. What if there's an emergency? What if I was stranded somewhere? I'm surprised Apple hasn't addressed it.

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    Two thoughts in response:


    1.  Keep the iPhone warm while you're walking home.


    2.  Not very long ago, there were no cell phones, yet we managed to walk home at night.

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    Wow Sberman.. Really??????  We spend all this money on our phones.. and we expect them to work, especially in emergencies.  Im sure that they have already tried the "Keep the phone warm while walking home" - as best they could, however you can only do so much.  And while we didnt always have cell phones to depend on, in 2013 we DO depend on them.  And we depend on them to WORK.

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    Thank you, Rhio744. :)


    Sberman: Users come on the discussion boards for help with their products, not to be snarked at. Completely inappropriate.

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    I have this problem on iPhone 4s, it always happens when it is cold (< 15°C) and today it happened again, battery was 30% charged and I couldn't call during an emergency. After warming it up (10 minutes close to my body) I managed to turn it on.


    Apple has to work on this problem, it's not fun when this happens during an emergency


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    I wonder if this is something Apple has put into their iOS to "Protect" the phone. I too have an iPhone 5 that shuts down the second it gets a bit cold. I would expect the battery to behave better than that, considering other smart phones are not as picky about being a bit cool.


    Maybe if one of those "booster" packs could help??