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My iPad2 and iPad mini continue to keep dropping the wifi connection in my home.  I can however connect to a neighbours unsecured network with no problem!

It is so frustrating.  Any advise, help would be appreciated.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    That suggests the trouble is with your WiFi.


    One problem occurs when your Wifi is on the same channel as your neighbor's.  If you can run a "stumbler" program on your computer, you can tell what other WiFis are in the area, and what channels they are on.  If you go into your WiFi setup and choose a channel that is far away from your neighbor's, it may solve your problem.


    Note:  WiFi channels overlap with those nearby.  Channels 1, 6 and 11 on 802.11b routers, are far enough apart that they do not overlap.



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    I have the same problem and have already changed the channel to try and improve the problem.  We have no other wifi networks near us.  So this is not the root cause of the problem.  It's almost the same as my mobile network which keeps dropping on my iPhone 5 and having to reboot the phone to get it to pick up the network again when every other EE phone retains a good signal.  Ironically I don't have this problem in the ipad.

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    I assume your problem is with the iPhone's connection to WiFi.


    One thing you can try, is to unplug your WiFi router for a few seconds.  Then reset the iPhone's network.  Go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.  You will probably need to reconnect the iPhone to WiFi.