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I know you will all probably laugh at me because I have just upgraded to Snow Leopard.  The problem is that nobody told me my Aperture wouldn't work anymore! I can't even open it to retrieve my photos...(btw, this is why I was hesitant to upgrade...but I had to because I got the iphone 5 which wouldn't sync with my itunes version and that wouldn't update unless I went to snow leopard...and so on....).


So, the problem is that I need Aperture version 2.0. so I can update that to 2.1.4 and be compatible with Snow Leopard.  I have 1.5.6 and kept it that way because it was working for me and I just basically use Aperture as a photo storage system. I can't find 2.0 anywhere. I can't figure out how to uninstall snow leopard either. I need my photos back asap.


Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance,



Aperture 2, Mac OS X (10.6.8)