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This is really horrible.  I have duplicate applications installed on my computer.  I just discovered this today because the length of time it takes to load a web page, something that i've typed, even scrolling down makes the freaking Beach Ball spin & spin. 


i NOTICED  a month ago, but it was not bothersome.  I use Chrome to do most of my blogging and stuff.  The Shockwave Player kept crashing, then my pages kept saying Aww Snap (or whatever it says when a page fails to load) and turning grey.  Today I just had to stop using the Mac because it was pretty much stagnant on a page and I even tried using Safari and it does the same.


I am unsure as towhat to do first.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to resolve the duplicates?  Is there an app i can install that cleans up all the items that are junk and doubles?  What should I do to fix this?  I appreciate any suggestions and thank you in advance!! 




MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)