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i am having problems with logic express 9.0.0 which is not running on mountain lion 10.8.2.



i have made an attept to try and get newer updates but before it gets anywhere this pops up

     " An eligible Logic Express Version was not found in

     the Applications Folder. This Update requires Logic

     Express version 9.0 or higher. "



(i do not have the logic disks at hand)




          The message that pops up when i attempt to open logic

               " you cant use this version of the

                application "logic express" with this

               version of OS X.


          you have "logic express" 9.0.0 "



please help!!

Logic Studio, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    First, you are going to need v9.1.7 or later with Mountain Lion (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5421)




    To get the updaters to work several things MUST be correct:


    The Logic Application must be named "Logic Pro" or "Logic Express" (depending on which type you are working with) with NO Additional spaces or numbers in the name.


    The application must be at the root level of the Applications folder (and NOT anywhere else).



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    hi cct


    i have the same problem joefish132 has,

    i brought logic express 9 in 2010. then havnt used it for a couple of years. i have upgraded my mac to osx 10.8.5 and havnt upgraded any of logic. now im trying to open it and it says what joefish has explained above. ive also tried renaming and upgrading but still nothing. can you help me out please. cheers

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    i also have ableton live 9 running as my my daw if that helps. cheers