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    I called Apple today and described the issue. They tell me "it's normal, those machines are programmed to do so, even my colleagues here at the office's machines do that".


    I find this terribly hard to believe. The fan noise is disturbing while working, and it must be awful for the fans' lifespan. Where do I go from here? Should I phone back and claim that they're wrong because people on the Internet say so? Or perhaps just try again tomorrow and hope for a better informed operator?


    Any suggestions welcomed.

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    I too am experiencing this problem. My laptop is 5 days old? i guess.
    I'm using SMC fan control and activity monitor. the fans suddenly and frequently kick in to 6000rpm.and activity monitor shows no serious activity. (1%~2%) the temp was 42˙C. I live in India and we dont have apple here. only reseller. I have recently got a rMBP replaced for a white mura. Should i ask for another replacement?

    Pls advice.

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    P.S. the min speed for my left fan is avg. at 2200 rpm while my right is at a solid 2000rpm.

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    Okay guys, got a replacement rMBP and when putting my USB in and transferring same files over, I get the same fan issue. They go full blast for a couple minutes every couple minutes while trasnferring the files. I am using very little resources via Activity Monitor. I can't have two in a row with the same issue can I?

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    This seems to clearly be something with the newer Retina MBPs. As this was never reported with earlier units. Whether it is a change made by Apple or is a run of defective units, specifically with the SS/Flash drive used in this particular run, is any ones guess. I say the SSD because that is the only thing that is really working when transfering files. May have a temp sensor on the SSD and when it starts to get hot the fans kick in.

    But "I" certainly wouldn't call it normal.

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    Hey guys, I just unpacked my replacement rMBP 15" and again I'm having the problems with fans at full blast.


    The first rMBP apple sent me had the same issues and they replaced it after I did a few steps of troubleshooting. No questions asked.


    This time I think it might be correlated to dropbox. I start dropbox, it starts syncing and the fans starts maxing out after a few minutes. The fans go for full speed (just below 6000 rpm) for approx. 30 seconods and then they go back to their normal 2000 rpm. This happens about every five minutes,


    So my question is obviusly if you guys are running dropbox in the background when your fans go off?

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    Kickfoot wrote:


    YOu are better off starting your own thread, since you are not original poster here.

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    I also have this problem with a replacement, and it happens if i'm downloading in utorrent, or playing aiff/apple lossless. And sometimes just interenet or watching a movie.

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    Just curious, if this is normal, did anyone witness this with demo models in an Apple Store?

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    It is NOT normal. It is a hardware problem. If you have this problem take your system back for a refund or replacement. The fans on any notebook should NOT come on at or near full speed indiscriminately without the system being taxed and heating up.


    This is a problem with the newly manufacturered unit, whether late 2012 units or the newest 2013 released units.


    Simply put the people you may talk to on the phone about this problem have NO CLUE.


    Apple is such a CLOSED company they Never report problems until they are forced to. Just look at their history.

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    I just reported it to apple, see if they are going to do something about it... maybe if some other people are going to report it that they're going to do about it, It's just very annoying...

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6 (16,645 points)

    With all the posts about it and many people taking the system back for a replacement and then returning those replacements you would think Apple would know about it. But with Apple one hand has no idea what the other hand is doing, Closed Company and no one tells anyone else about problems (Just Look at Apple Maps for instance) because Apple products don't have problems. And one has to wonder why you need an Appointment at a Genius Bar to get your problem Apple Device looked at.

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    But why does it happen when I'm playing  AIFF or apple lossless audio file in iTunes? In QuickTime or vlc it doesn't happen, so i thinking it has to be software related?

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    Hey guys,im a user from China, this "rMBP fan issue" have gone viral in one of China's biggest apple forum.
    A lot of rMBP owner had reported this issue. From what we gathered, we now know only the rMBPS that were manufactured after December, 2012 ,alone with the early 2013 model have this issue. And we have a speculation now---this "fan issue" may have something to do with the Sandisk SSDs! (for some may not know , apple have changed its SSD supplier from Samsung into Sandisk. And now,the newer batch of rMBPs  were equipped with Sandisk SSDs)


    Fan will rising its RPM when there are intensive data writing on SSD.  One of our user, had replaced  his rMBP's Sandisk SSD with Samsung's, and guess what? problem solved, No more disturbing fan noise!(personally,I highly don't recommend this method, it was both expensive and risky,you will lose apple's warranty.) 


    That's all we know now, hope it will be helpful. Currently,We all waiting for a better solution.And sorry for my english,it might be little hard to understand.:) Keep me posted!


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    Thank you sooooo much for that info Kirawang I really do believe this too as my test are showing I can replicate problem when purly only utalizing the SDD.



    e.g. (I did the same thing even on 2012 rMBP as I always shift at least my music onto my laptop)

    [Copy my music folder from my NAS (34GB) to the anywhere on my macbook pro. At multiple points (not always the same) it will activate the fans at full and then slowly ramp down. I have done this on cold boots and also with me holding the macbook in the air with one hand by fingertips only.]


    ALSO the 4th one I had sprung up this fault in apple hardware test 4HDD/11/40000000: SATA(0,0)

    Full details in my post here



    I am also 100% certain that I had a Samsung SSD in my 2012 rMBP. I believe that all 4 of my 2013 rMBP contained Sandisk SDD's but I only recall testing the last 3.



    All I got from the store is "maybe it's a new feature" or "no, no, we have had no reports what so ever about any problems with the retina macbook pro line". My response "Oh really what about the 3 that I have personally returned for the exact same fault? The ones that every time you took it from me you said you would analyse it for further investigation?"



    When I pointed that out along with the hardware test error it was then they acknowledged something is not right.


    Please apple stop denying and start sorting your problems out.