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Is there a way to copy a clip that is on the timeline and then paste it into an existing clip, so as to replace that clip and not disturb the edit otherwise?  I know I can do that by finding it in the bin, but it's an extra step I wondered if I could avoid.


Also, is there a way to delete a clip and not have the audio which is linked to it disappear too?  In this case, the audio is not sync audio, it might be a sound effect which just happens to start on that clip, so right now, I slide the sound effect along so that it isn't attached to the clip and then I delete that clip and then I slide the sound effect back in sync.  Would be nice if I could just delete the clip without taking anything with it.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
  • Russ H Level 6 Level 6 (18,180 points)

    Can't help with the first question…how that might be done without leaving the TL. Assume you mean the equivalent behavior of a replace from start (or end).


    As for deleting an attached audio clip, the forward delete key will remove the selected video and replace with a gap – should not affect audio clip.


    Good luck.




  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10 (112,720 points)

    Going to the browser is not that arduous. Shift-F will give you the clip in the browser with the same selection. Opt-R will replace from start.


    It might be easier to change the connection point before you delete the primary clip. Opt-Cmd-click will change attachment point.

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    Tom, you always come through.  Great tips.  Thank you so much.  I didn't realise it was so easy to change the connection point on an audio clip and the keyboard shortcut to find the selected clip is great.


    Russ, thank you for the tip about using the forward delete key.  I had been using shift delete, but that's even easier!


    While I have your attention, one more thing.  My audio skim button cannot be turned on.  Any idea why that is?