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I have 3rd gen apple tv, iphone 5, airplay allows me to play videos from internet/youtube with audio/video, but when i try to play videos from Itunes purchased videos, it only plays audio, no video.  Have tried all obvious, any advise appreciated.  Thanks,,,

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Try restarting both devices and the router.

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    As I said, tried all obvious, restarting doesnt help.  One note, When I go to "videos" on iphone, the videos are separated by "movies" and "videos",,,,the "movies" always play via airplay, but then I got those off of youtube, Just thought I'd mention.  Still, I tried restarting all and didnt help.  I'm baffled.  Funny how you can have the newest phone/appletv and have problems.  I just have that nagging feeling it's just some stupid setting I've overlooked, although I have combed over all the help info.  Thanks anyway,,,