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How do I know when me.com is down?

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    Thank you. I went to ICloud System Status and it did give me information that part of Maps had been down.


    My problem comes from the email I received:



    This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

    Your message was not delivered because the destination computer was

    not reachable within the allowed queue period.  The amount of time

    a message is queued before it is returned depends on local configura-

    tion parameters.

    Most likely there is a network problem that prevented delivery, but

    it is also possible that the computer is turned off, or does not

    have a mail system running right now.

    Your message was not delivered within 4 days and 0 hours.

    Host me.com is not responding.

    The following recipients did not receive this message:



    I just wondered why it took four days for me to be informed that my email to a .me account had not been received. It's all pretty complicated to me. Wonderful but getting more difficult in some ways.


    Thank you for your help.

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    I had a lot of undelivered mail on Friday, and only today are the senders receiving bounce-back messages. Exactly the same message you received. Hope we get some help -- and hope that our messages are gone forever.

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    I am having issues with people sending to my me.com address, they are receiving inbox failure message "destination computer not reachable within the allowed period", or the email will show up days later in my inbox, or if it is a group email it will show up when someone responds that isn't a roadrunner.com user and it shows all the prior emails in the string that I didn't recieve.  This is also happening to my close friend who is a me.com email user.  We've been experiencing this for almost a week, now.  Seems to only be from roadrunner.com senders (as far as I can tell). 

    What I am wondering is:

    1) whether it's a geographic issue-we are in Cleve, OH area. What area are you all in?  I found threads about this occuring off and on over the past couple years, those were all local pockets of users that were impacted each time.

    2) If this is just from certain email addresses (I think I am recieving everything other than roadrunner.com sends, seem to be, anyhow.)

    Thank you in advance.  This is a really frustrating problem.

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    I am having these exact same issue.  Emails from roadrunner.com accounts are not arriving to my @me account.  I don't think it's geographic, as my problem is existing in Tampa FL.

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    Having same issue in Melbourne FL.  For over a week, any email I sent to me.com is getting bumped back to me after 4/5 days with same message as above, host at me.com is not responding.  Thought it might have something to do with software patch BH did Thurs 17 Jan, but that was apparently only for cable, not anything else (knocked cable off for 3/4 hours).  But, around same time this happened, BH also put a bunch of aol.com and yahoo.com email into the junk folder in my roadrunner account even though I had been emailing back and forth to these addresses for a while.  Previously, the two me.com addresses I had been emailing (one here in FL, one in UT) had been getting and receiving my emails no problem.  Now, I can receive an email from me.com address, (just got one this morning), but my outgoing messages still are not being received by me.com.  The email address here in Fl is apparently receiving all other email okay.  I did try from another rr email address and same thing happened, got bumped back to me. HOWEVER, I tried emailing the me.com address with my gmail account (using my desktop which has wifi from BH) and it went through no problem!!!  I emailed online help at BH and they could not help, so have an email into local support to call me. Not sure if problem is with BH or Apple!  I suspect Apple, because it seems the messages are getting to the me.com account, but not getting through from there.

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    I am having the same problem in Los Angeles, CA. 4 messages sent from my "rr.com" account to a "mac.com" or "me.com" over the past 6 days have bounced back saying that the host is not responding after 4 days.