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I am helping a friend of mine to sell his books on the iBook Store but when he tries to log on on iTunesconnect.com he always get the same repply "TIN Match Failed".


We called the I.R.S, they found him and told us that his number was activated and on the database.

He obtained his E.I.N more than 4 weeks ago from the I.R.S now.


My friend his French, he didn't get the mail from the I.R.S as they told us that sometimes the I.R.S mails don't go overseas and we really feel stuck now.


Can anybody help ?


Does it makes a difference if we have an E.I.N or an I.T.I.N ?


My account works fine and I don't know if we missed a step somewhere.


Thank you,





iBook, iOS 6.0.2
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    Same problem here. We have an EIN for about a month now, the IRS stated it could be used immediately. However, two attempts to apply with iTunes failed.

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    me too - 3 times (once application and 2 retries.) - probably the first one was a day too early - though by all means the last 2 weekly retries should have had been after the 14 day database distribution window IRS is saying.


    Any idea if IRS has some strike or hollidays?

    Any idea how to check the ITIN/EIN? If one calls IRS then it may appear that everything is in order as they do have the data.

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    Hello everyone,


    I think that I have the beginning of an answer.


    First, the best thing to do to make sure that EIN or ITIN numbers are ok is to call the IRS back. They will tell you if your number is, or is not, on the database.


    About the message "TIN match failed" that you can get when trying to connect on iTunes Connect, here is why it didn't work for me.


    To process the enrollment on iTunes Connect properly and submit your information, you have to click on a blue button on the bottom and left corner called "Get Started" on the first page of iTunes Connect.DO NOT try to enter your e-mail and password on the right of the page. It might sounds very stupid but this is where I got confused! (I am French, though).


    For those who did this correctly, the last chance is to call Apple iBook Store support directly at this number: 800 206 2092 or 001 877 206 2092 if calling from outside the United States.

    In most cases, you will have a nice operator on the phone and that person will tell you that your account had been approved. The operator will also send you a link to connect on iTunes Connect or a ticket issue number.


    At any cases, you should check your e-mail and verify them(even in the spam), you will may find a "Welcome to the iTunes Store" message. Clicking on the link provided in this e-mail is an obligation at your first connection.


    Never ever give up!




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    More information about this topic: I was just on the phone with the IRS, and the operator basically admitted what the problem is: for security reasons, the IRS operating system is still DOS (yes, you read that right), and that means that you need to be patient. Very, very patient. I changed the name of my business 6 months ago, sent a letter to the IRS 6 weeks ago, and my name change is still "pending". "Maybe another two weeks," says the IRS operator. So that's it folks: DOS.