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I've recently updated to Mountain Lion, I have a backup of my old OSX with iWork09 on it but it's not possible to recover it on the new version of Lion. I have the serial number of my old iWork09 but not a CD. The serial number doesn´t seem very useful since apple no longer offers a trial-version download. Any tips?

iWork' 09, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Eric Root Level 9 (50,642 points)

    What type of backup is it?

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    Time Machine. In fact I can restore the iWork back to the App's folder but I cannot open them afterwards, it says it's not supported by the current version of OSX.

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    Have you tried to update it to the current version before opening it? Current version of Pages is 4.3.

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    mhhh, sadly, I don't remember doing that. You mean I should go back to Lion, upgrade iWork, go back to Mountain and then it should work? Sorry, I didn't understand correctly your post, i'll try your suggestion and answer back. Thanks.

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    No, I thought you already installed them on the Mountain Lion drive? (You said you can restore it back) What version is Pages in your backup? If it's not the latest 4.3, restore it and then run Software Update right away.

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    It dosn't seem to be working. I run Software Update but the App Store doesn't have any update to do. My versions:


    • Pages 5.1.1
    • Numbers 2.1
    • Pages 4.1
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    Hmmm, not sure what to tell you except that I believe I read somewhere that the latest updates included compatibility for the newer OS's; my current versions are:


    Keynote 5.3

    Numbers 2.3

    Pages 4.3


    However, I purchased the retail iWork 09 version and have the CD to reinstall. Your trial>paid for a serial number>version may have fallen through the cracks. Your choices may be to either buy them separately at the app store or get a retail disk on ebay or other online sellers. I see that Amazon still has them, and there are a bunch available on ebay for as little as $20.