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I have decided to partition the new 750GB internal hard drive I have purchased into 3 partitions.


The reason for is I will be using both Snow Leopard and Lion so I will need a partition for each of these in addition to one data partition.

The data partition should save space not having to install my photos, music etc and certain applications on both.


My main problem is I now have the confusing task of deciding how much space to allocate into each partition. How much should I give to the Snow Leopard, Lion and Data partitions and why? Below is some general information


  • 750GB to play with
  • Need to create partitions Lion, Snow Leopard and Data
  • My new hard drive is a Seagate hybrid drive (part SSD, part HDD) if this makes a difference




If anyone has done 3 partitions before regardless of what OS's you installed I would  greatful if replied. Many thanks.


All help appreciated

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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