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(Not really, but I'd like to know what the strange MAC address is.)

Hi all,

Our set-up is as follows:

iBook 10.4.6 wifi to Belkin F5D7632 router. iBook firewall on.

Flat panel iMac (10.3.9) ethernet to above Belkin connected to DSL 1 meg broadband. iMac firewall on.

Belkin has ESSID off, WPA on, MAC address filtering on. Firewall on. No open gateways. Epson printer connected USB to iMac, printer sharing on iMac enabled so that I can print from iBook. No apparent MAC address for printer...

I have entered only two MAC addresses (iBook & iMac) in MAC address filtering yet 3 addresses show in DHCP client list. Obviously I can identify two of them as the iBook and the iMac, the third is rogue and won't go away.

It is not the MAC address for the iBook's ethernet or firewire.

The iMac appears to have only one MAC address.

The iMac has in the past been connected to the internet via a USB DSL modem, the software is still loaded but the connection is currently disabled. I've left it loaded in case of router malfunction.

I have restarted router, iBook & iMac yet the rogue keeps reappearing in the DHCP client list.

I live on a fairly remote trailer park in rural Devon, England, so I am not susceptible to drive-by wi-fi hackers & poachers. Two close neighbors have recently acquired Windoze Centrino laptops but neither are savvy enough to to hack into a secure network. In fact, on Sunday I tried to help one neighbor to connect to my wi-fi to demonstrate how to do it (LOL) - she wants to get a wi-fi router - and couldn't get the wretched Windoze box to connect even by switching off all security. (All back on now, I hasten to add...)

Sorry this is so long, but two questions:

a) Is there any way to find out what the rogue MAC address is?


b) How do I remove it from the DHCP client list?


Is it possible that the router has 'remembered' the attempted connection and saved the neighbor's laptop's MAC address?

Any help/suggestions gratefully received


ibook G4 1GHz, 768mb; iMac 17" G4:768mb (10.3.9), Mac OS X (10.4.6), Belkin WiFi F5D7632