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Please can anyone help us with this? My boyfriend gave me his iphone 3 as he got the 5. He rang t-mobile to ask them if they could unlock and they said yes they took £15.32 from him and said that they would have to contact apple for a code to unlock it and he would have to wait 28 days. However the next day they texted him and it said it couldn't be done and 'charge not maintained'.

He rang them and they said because he was no longer with t-mobile they couldn't do it. He asked them why as he had previously been told they would and had taken the money from his account. Furthermore they had told him in the tmobile shop that it could be done. The operator he spoke to then asked the supervisor who said that they would ring him yesterday, which they didn't.

Neither of us can keep affording to ring them on their premium rate number and we don't know what else to do.Now someone has told us that they don't in fact contact apple to get a code. Can someone please give us some advice?



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    Nothing additional we can say. Apple does not unlock phones. In your case, you have to deal with t-mobile. They are the only ones who can authorize the unlock. They are the ones who determine unlocking policy for their phones. Nevertheless, they should refund your money because clearly you were given the wrong info. If you did not qualify for a phone unlock, they should have told you right off the bat.


    Go to a t-mobile shop and ask the case be elevated. (Sometimes it is better to deal with people face to face instead of the phone).


    PS they contact Apple to process the unlock. There is no code involved.

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    Contact the cellular carrier the iPhone was originally locked with.  Was that T-Mobile?  Anyway, here's how to contact your carrier without having to pay for that:

    Contact a mobile carrier