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I have moved to my 'old' Blackberry from an iPhone 3.  Incoming Texts FROM IPHONES ONLY do not arrive at the destination Cell (BB).

The att store folks tell me I have to disable iMessaging - How do I do that without the phone/serial no.??

iPhone 3G
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    Go to: https://supportprofile.apple.com/MySupportProfile.do

    Log in if not already logged in.

    Click on "Edit Products"

    Click on the "X" to the right of the product.

    Click "Unregister"

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    The link you supplied does not take me to an "Edit Products" selection - more help please :-)

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    It takes you to a sign in page. Log in as noted in the instructions I gave.

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    I have followed these instructions.  I login using my Apple ID and password.  There is no Option to "Edit Products".


    The Options offered to specify how Apple Support communicates with me (Device and Voice or SMS).

    Thay's IT!   I amunable to contact by Support by Phone to resolve this since they want a Serial Number of the iPhone which is a broken device.


    Help please!

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    Further:  I think you expected to see the iPhone listed under "My Products".  It is NOT listed.  Therefore, I am unable to select the device.

    I still have the need to UNregister the device from iMessage

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    Further2:  It looks as if you ONLY see products listed on the My Support Profile page that you have previously Registered for SUPPORT.  If you have had no support there was no need to Register it.

    Therefore - the method you suggested REQUIRED registration for Support- in order to DISCONNECT from iMessaging!

    There must be a better way!

    I want the iMessage function Cancelled for my phone which is NOT an iPhone any longer.  How to do this?

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    Here we are -almost 4 hours later and the 'Simple' and common problem has no resolution!  This support method seems to want the Create the APPEARANCE of SUPPORT - all based on limited and shallow knowledge of the subject matter.  Notice how this thread is dropped if anything beyond a simple answer is required.  Welcome to 2013 and beyond!

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    This is not Apple Technical Support. This is a user-to-user, all volunteer support forum. Some of us who participate here also have a life. Get over yourself, show a little respect and politeness and maybe, just maybe, someone will help you. However, it will not be me.

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    Be a part of the solution only if you can be part of a solution - anythiung else waste's people's time.  Holy Moly... even APL thinks this is an authentic source of solutions - it's not.  As you say.. it is strictly Volunteer.... More like a chat-board.  Thanks for your time.  BTW:  I really did FIND the solution... it was not superficial.

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    Thank You.