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it is exceedingly frustrating to be waiting with no surety that there will be an upgraded Thunderbolt and USB3.0 Mac Pro in the pipeline. professional doing advanced graphics and video need this and need it now and need for certain a time schedule to plan partial investment in new Equipment. Apple has let is down for two years now and surely the second largest corporation on the planet can afford the R and D for it and certainly it would cost the company nothing to let us in on this schedule. there is no real  competition for this. it is not giving away any advantage but it certainly would give is some ammunition to prevent bean counters from instituting a wholesale move to Dell or others. We need some serious upgrading and we need a heads up on when.

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    We are all Users like you here, and we feel your pain.


    You need to tell your story direct to Apple, Inc. This link is what they suggest:



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    Need Thunderbolt and USB3 NOW? Get an iMac. There's no other professional Mac desktop with those specs, unfortunately. As Grant says, we are all in the same boat. Watch the Intel Xeon E5 V2  roadmap if you want more clues.



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    The iMac would require a Magma outboard PCIx box that doubles the cost of the IMac and still does not do the job. that approach is a kludge to try to use an amateur user machine to do what a professional workstation can  do, with The assorted updates I applied to my Mac Pro though it is not as fast at processing as the top of the line iMac it was much more flexible, can run many screens without having to buy new thunderbolt screens and with USB 3 and eSATA cards bypass reasonably the lack of Thunderbolt in the short term but it is a ridiculous and non Mac way to have to run,my work station. And..I am sure I am not alone...Apple better get their act together in the professional market or they will have kissed off many of is in another year.. that would be a huge pity. As well the iMac screen is insufficient and lacks a full Adobe colour palette and its incorrect black levels and inability to be controlled by such tools as a Huey make the screen good only for menus and control panels.  that is why I still use the Mac 30 inch and also a Dell 30 inch screen as they can be calibrated accurately which the iMac can not. the only solution is a new Mac Pro. for the contributor who suggested I contact feedback already regarding  this..I had done that but I figured that they must scan the discussion groups to find out what customers feel about user  situations and the more responses to my comments the better the argument for new hardware.