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I'm making a DVD for a client using a 640x360 video (16x9 ratio).  I requested a menu from the client's graphics person in the same size (640x360).  It came as a pdf 1814.1699x1020.47 which is the same 16x9 ratio.  While the video looks fine on both computer and TV, the menu looks fine on computer, but is stretched horizontally when viewed on TV. 


Using the DVD Studio Pro guidelines, I've tried re-scaling the menu.  864x480 looks ok in the Simulator and when played on computer, but looks stretched horizontally on TV.  720x480 looks squished horizontally in the Simulator and when played on computer, but looks fine on TV. 


Does the problem exist with how the menu graphic was created?  I understand the difference between square and rectangular pixels, but I can't figure out how to solve this problem.  Please help!

DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    640x360 & 864x480 are square pixels. You want to create the menu in rectangular pixels and then as a last step make it 720x480. Instead of scaliing I would create a new document at 853x480. Make all changes and then as a last step make it 720x480.


    This explains it quicker than I could in a post.

    http://www.larryjordan.biz/creating-dvd-menu-and-button-highlights-using-photosh op-layers/

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    If the client has photoshop, all they have to do is use the appropriate video preset.  Aspect ratio is correct, yet displays properly on a computer screen from within photoshop.  Just tell them to go to file:  New:  film and video and they'll be presented with all the possible presets you might need.  In this case NTSC DV widescreen will fit the bill.

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    This process - starting with 853x480 then scaling to 720x480 - looks fine on TV, but is squished horizontally in the DVDSP simulator and when played on a computer.  I'm wondering if one or more of my DVDSP settings is not correct.  In the Preferences, it's "SD, 16:9" because the video (not the menu) is 640x360. 

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    How are you creating the MPG-2?
    Is the track display mode set to 16:9 letterbox?


    640x360 has to be upscaled to 720x480 (16x9)853x480).


    In the MPG-2 setting(Compressor) you need to tell it to do this. I would also consider setting the frame controls all to best.


    In my experience the best way to check a DVD before burning is to build it/open Video_TS in the Mac DVD player app. Whatever I see here is what will end up on the burned DVD. The simulator is a close guesstimation but not a true checking device.

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    The video always looks fine, no matter what size the menu is.  Are you suggesting that the video size might be affecting the problem I'm having with the menu?  The menu is ok on TV but squished horizontally on computer.

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    You might try resizing it to 720x480 and making sure that the inspector for the menu is set to 16:9 in dvdsp.


    I author dvd's with both 16:9 and 4:3 elements all the time without ever seeing this.  I always build the menus as 720x480 nad make sure the aspect ratio is set correctly in dvdsp.

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    This is most likely a menu/menu authoring/menu element creation problem.


    It is possible your project is corrupt. I would suggest starting a new one and do a build test with just the menu and short piece of video. Make sure the menu and track are set to 16:9 letterbox.

    Look at the Video_TS in the Mac DVD player app. I would suggest not watching full screeen. You will then be able to see if the track and menu are playing in a square or a rectangle.


    When you go from the menu to the track and back does the player window change? or stay a square or a rectangle?  If the window is always a rectangle and the menu looks squished then  it is most likely how the menu element was created.

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    Got it!  It was about choosing 16:9 letterbox in the Menu Inspector.  Thanks so much, you guys, for hanging in there with me!