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I have a Dell V515w printer that is hooked up to my Dell Laptop. I now have a MacBook Air that I would like to wirelessly connect to the printer (which is also wireless). I tried downloading various software but nothing so far has worked.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    If it a Wireless printer why not connect it to your network through the WiFi system of your LAN instead of hard wiring it to your Dell.


    That is what you have to do. No computer connects directly to the printer wirelessly. You have to first connect the printer to your WiFi router then install the print drivers on both computers to connect to it on the LAN.


    I am sure Dell has a tutorial for doing this and to connect to it from the Mac you will need the Dell Mac OS X drivers, if they aren't already included in OS X. To get them you must log in to the Dell support driver download site from the Mac. Otherwise the only drivers you will see is for PC.

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    Dell instructions are terrible and their utility sends you on a wild Goose chase for something called Dell Wireless Assistant which I don't think they have for OS X. The most common workout it a Lexmark utility.