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On my RMBP (10.8.2) Aperture 3.4.3 will not start due to a database error.  Command+Option start of Aperture is giving me the same error and not giving me a repair/rebuild choice.  My iPhoto library (migrated from iPhoto to Aperture a couple of weeks ago) is kept on an external LaCie SSD which I have been unmounting when I take the MBP to work.  I did notice earlier today that I had a '/Volumes/LaCie' and '/Volumes/LaCie 1'.  Rebooting the MBP caused the '/Volumes/LaCie 1' to go away and I only see '/Volumes/LaCie' now.


The precise error I'm getting is "There was an error opening the database for the library “/Volumes/LaCie/iPhoto Library”. "



Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)