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Hi all,


I have used itunes to sync music, books, and podcasts for may years. Since I updated my Iphone 5 to iOS 6.0.1, I have been having all sorts of issues with album art.


Currently, The album art in the list view shows up blank, and when I open a track, the completely incorrect album artwork appears. Most of the album art is custom. In cover flow, the album artwork is incorrect.


However, all of my album artwork is appearing perfectly in iTunes.  i have used MediaMonkey to sync, but I lose all of my ebooks, and then sitch back to iTunes.


Please Help!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2, iTunes 11
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    Just use iTunes to sync.

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    I have been using iTunes to sync, and the almub art issues still appear to occur.

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    Try restoring your phone through iTunes.

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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.2--updated or cleared art only sometimes syncs into the device's cover art.  In the past with my iPod Touch, re-syncing would fix the mismatched art eventually.  Upgrading to iTunes 11 seems to have fixed the bs with mobile sync processes pinning a cpu core (which had gone on for years), but now I have this issue.  I hadn't noticed the cover art problems until after the iTunes 11 upgrade, so I can't say whether this is related to the new device (restored from my iPod Touch 4G backup) or the new iTunes.  My previous cover art "fixes" by repeatedly resyncing were on iTunes 10.x with the Touch 4G.

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    As a side note, most of my music in the library is 320k MP3's which iTunes is converting to 128k AAC during the syncs as my > 6k songs started overloading my 32GB devices long ago.  The iPhone 5 is the 64GB version.

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    I updated to iOS 6.1 this morning, re-sync'd and it did not fix the cover art despite the iTunes Match etc fixes they documented.  On the bright side, it fixed sync via wifi which had stopped working  with iTunes 11.


    I did find a way to get my specific mismatched cover art to update by clearing the cover art for that album in iTunes, syncing (to confirm it had deleted the old incorrect art from the device) and then re-added the cover art and re-sync'd--finally the cover art is correct.  As a side note, I have never populated my devices from anything other than iTunes, no 3rd party utilities ever.