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I have added 4gigs of ram so that I have a total of 8 gigs but still getting the spinning wheel. Computer is running slower than it used to. I do have Fusion software on my computer so that I can run Windows 7, which I previously had running in Bootcamp. I need some type of software to check my computer for any error's and can fix if possible. I have not made backups, so wiping the HD and re-installing Mountain Lion OSx is not an option. Thanks for any suggestions.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    First make a back-up. It is best to have time machine and a separate bootclone to cover all possible scenarios.


    A SafeBoot may help, it  clears cache files among other things.


    Periodically running DiskUtility to verify disk ( and repair if necessary,) and repair permissions can help.


    RAM is cheap right now if you can upgrade.

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    If you don't back up, it doesn't matter whether your computer runs fast or not, because you're eventually going to lose all your data. But to answer your question, there is no software that will make it run faster.

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    I already use CCleaner and I have IDefrag App but when I try to run the IDefrag app it gets stuck. I think this had something to do with re-claiming my Bootcamp partition because it shows a lot of red (fragments) when I try to run it.

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    I regularly use DiskUtility to verify my disk and everything is fine in that respect plus I'm only using 30% of my HardDrive. I just upgraded my ram to 8gigs from 4.

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    Wouldn't it make more sense to find out why you're seeing the spinning wheel before trying to fix it. For instance CCLeaner: It remove caches. Caches make your Mac run faster. You only delete them if you have a cache problem. So do you have one? If not why are you removing these elements that speed up your Mac?


    But as Linc says, it's all a bit pointless if you don't have a back up. You're using apps you don't understand to do things to your Mac that you don't understand. You're going to do damage and lose data.

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    - I suggest changing your HDD to SSD, this will deninately work

    - again as the other members said (run disk utility, verify disk periodically, open activity monitor and close all application that use higher (%CPU) <100

    - piece of advice , run ADT by restarting while press on alt+D same time (maybe you have problem with RAM or HDD) and keep monitor the Temperature by downloading Temperature guage from app store (big influence)


    all these and keep in mind you have to have a back up for your data just in case!

    good luck

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    I use Onyx and iDefrag with great resuts. My MBP after two years still runs like new. I run Onyx once a month and iDefrag every three months more or less.

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    CCCleaner is worthless and so is defragging at 30% in OS X. Run EtreCheck, free, or rebooting then running DiskWarrior. Check for and remove, if necessary, any Geneio and Conduit adware, https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203987 .

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    Why re-open a 27 month-old thread?

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    I make backups all the time now, but I was able to run a full defrag that took all night and my MBP started really running fast. Now I have the problem with  having to free up memory all the time because it's running slow again. Now if I try to defrag I get an error message.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because the disk cannot be unmounted, you may see spurious error messages in the output from this test. This is normal, as the operating system and other programs are using this disk, so changes during the verification process could confuse fsck into thinking that there are errors when there are none.


    Starting fsck…

    fsck exited with code -1

    I have used the disk utility app and it shows all kinds of error's, mostly having to do with printer locations and a few others. I'm trying to fix this now.