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My new Mac Pro does not have iDVD, how can I get it install on my laptop?

MacBook Pro
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    There are a few ways to get iDVD on your new mac but please continue to read past this advice.  You can migrate it if you have it on an older mac.  You can use time machine to recover it if you have an old mac.  If you have an iLife 11 disk or a Snow Leopard Applications install DVD, you can use that.  If your friend has a mac with iDVD, you can put it, along with the /Library/ApplicationSupport/iDVD folder on a flash drive and then install it on yours.  Apple is no longer giving the iLife DVD as an appeasement. 


    Now, why do you really want iDVD instead of a better program.  iDVD was discontinued for a reason.  It doesn't burn HiDef movies in HiDef, making most HiDef cameras almost useless.  There are a lot of fail points.  It is very simple, but there are many errors, and some content that it will not burn.  To get it from a disk from Amazon, or a like service (even EBay), you will pay far more than the $15.00 that it is worth.  All you have to do is google Burn DVD on Mac and you will find more programs.  The App Store even has some. 


    The program was discontinued when Lion was released (July 2011).  There are many posts about this issue everywhere, so a little research before purchasing a product could have helped.  Let's also face it.  People don't buy a computer for $1500.00 just to burn a DVD with iDVD. 

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    Please read this:


    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac?



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    If you have to purchase an iLife disk remember iLife 11 only provides iDVD 5-7 themes. 


    The only sure fire way to get all themes is to start with the iLife 09 disc:



    This shows the iDVD contents in the iLife 09 disc via Pacifist:



    You then can upgrade from iDVD 7.0.3 to iDVD 7.1.2 via the updaters at the Apple Downloads webpage.



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    My new Mac Pro does not have iDVD


    If you are still within your 15 day return period.  Call Apple they will sent out iDVD at no charge.  (There are no realistic substitutes.)


    Nicely explain that you may return the computer without iDVD. That usually does the trick.  You MUST speak to a senior advisor to get a free copy. The first tier people cannot do it.






    If that doesn't work you can purchase iLife 11  (includes iDVD) on disk.


    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.





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    I have iMac mid 2011 with Mnt Lion with all installed updates.

    I need iDVD only from iLife 09 package.

    I can not uncheck iLife Support, Quicktime installation. It is about 55 mb in my case.

    Will there any troubles if iLife Support, Quicktime are installed?

    As far as I understood iLife Support, Quicktime installed on my system already (or they dont?)are newer than come with iLife 09.

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    Shouldn't make any difference.