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I've been trying for months to get the message to go away. The problem first appeared when I upgraded to OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. I've attempted to delete everything on my computer that I can think of that has anything to do with idisk or 'me.com', including stuff in the keychain.


Today, as a last resort, I took my computer to my local Apple Store. Three Geniuses worked at it together for TWO hours--they tried everything they could think of. They finally came to me and told me they were stumped. Their only final suggestion was to back up my computer and completely reinstall OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. I just completed that process and sure enough, iMovie still displays the same perpetual error message.


The only way they were able to get the message to go away was to create a completely new user account on my computer. There must be some file, somewhere that is pointing to a missing iDisk link that was removed when 'me.com' was phased out to iCloud.


This is driving me crazy. If you can figure this one out, you have every right to consider yourself smarter than 3 Apple Geniuses!

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), idisk imovie imovie 11 server idisk
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    Did you ever make a project where you loaded a file found on your iDisk? Maybe an image file you didn't have stored on your machine?

    iMovie is "looking" for that file(s) and the only way to fix the message would be to edit the project to remove the file.

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    I only have one video project that I ever published to iDisk. It didn't have any music or photo files attatched to it, just a few clips stitched together. I can play these clips right now in the Event Library (so I know the source files are on my computer), but strangely, under the Project Library, the project is not there. I'm almost certain that I didn't store the project on iDisk; I just completed the video and published it to iDisk (as a .mov file I think) for family to see. I've tried to figure out how to get iDisk to stop looking for this project to no avail.


    I don't know if others have experienced this, but if I click on any project and on the menu bar select Share --> Remove From --> Media Browser... it lists iPod, iPhone, iPad, tv, Computer and MobileMe. Why would MobileMe be an option here? This is the case for any video project I select. Didn't iLife '11 and/or OSX 10.8 remove all mention of MobileMe? I wonder if this is part of the problem too.


    Edit: I just removed every project I have from the Media Browser. Still no luck.