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I´m a Imac newbie, and i´m having a problem with the downloads folder.

Now the icons instead of a images it showns as a square enclosed by a dotted line

Captura de pantalla 2013-01-27 a la(s) 10.16.26.png

Any suggestios?

Thank you

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    That was a strange problem... Is it only the downloads folder that is affected? Try to delete the content and then put some new files in the folder, then restart. Does the same thing happend again?

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    Thank you


    No only...


    I just saw that also happens to the contents of any folder that I put in the dock

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    Maybe it's a corrupt preference file. You could try recreating it - it'll mean reconfiguring it the way you like it, but it might work.


    Click on the Desktop and hold down the option/alt key and from the Go Menu select Library>Preferences and find this file:




    Move it to the desktop (so that you can put it back if this makes no difference) and restart and it should create a new preference using the defaults. Check to see if it's made a difference.

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    You could also try a Safe Boot which can sometimes fix odd things.


    Restart holding down the Shift key until you see a grey progress bar. Once booted restart as normal from the Apple menu. Any difference?

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    Hello Paul_31


    I tried all three solutions and currently not work...


    Sometimes the icons "back", but the next time that i open the folder are no longer


    Thank you

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    I think the problem is solved


    When I delete the files from the downloads folder...  the problem is not solved.


    Later when I wanted to delete files permanently from the trash, a message appeared:


    "X file can not be deleted because it is being used"

    (it was a big size file about 2gb)


    When I finally unlock the file and delete it from the trash, the icons were recovering their pictures in all affected folders


    Somehow it seems that the file interfered with the icons


    I hope it does not happen again


    Thanks to all

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    Great - glad you figured it out.