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my Guitarist and I both have Garage Band 11 (v6) and Mainstage 2 installed and downloades the Jam Packs which come with Mainstage. We have composed a Drums Track in Garage Band using both Loops that come with GB and also Loops from Mainstage. I we have copied the .band file to his Mac. When he opens the song in Garageband he has only the Loops from GB showing and playing. The Mainstage Loops don't work.

He (and I) can use the Mainstage Loops on our's Mac normaly.


Any Suggestions ?


Thanks Eric

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hi Eric,

    do you have the same Mac OS X version? It can be that the location of some loops and instruments changed between versions.


    And how do you save the GarageBand project? Have you tried to save it as an archive project?

    That will copy all the loops you used and instruments into the project for easier sharing.


    To be able to save as an archive, you may need to edit the song a little - otherwise GarageBand will not save again and the "archive" option will be grayed out. Use "File > Save as" and in the File Chooser panel check the button "Archive project".




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    Hi Léonie,

    thank you for your help. Saving as archive did the trick.




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    You are welcome, Eric!

    I am glad it worked for you.