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Hey there

Yesterday I recorded midi drums to a click track for a song into my iPhone using an IK Multimedia iRig Midi.


I had the click track playing from my iPod (that I had recorded as an mp3 at 148pm) and I recorded the drum beat for the whole song at 148bpm into my iPhone using thr iRig Midi Recorder app.


I exported the file from my iPhone to my Mac.

When I play the file through QuickTime it plays fine at 148bpm OK, but when I import it into a new Garageband song (That Ive set the bpm to 148bpm) it actually plays back the midi drum beat at (approx) 183bpm.


If I import the midi file into iTunes, iTunes plays it at 148bpm, and even if I convert it to an mp3 using iTunes, iTunes STILL plays it at 148bpm.


But, like I said when I import the original midi file into Garageband it plays faster at (approx) 183bpm.


Any suggestions on whats going on here, because something isn't right.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)