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I have 5 current apple devices. All wi.fi Current location returns to Blakehurst NSW when I live in Devonport Tasmania. More than 500 kms away. Any suggestions about how to fix it?

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    If you have the WiFi-only iPad your location is determined by the location of nearby WiFi routers. This is done by using a Apple location database which contains the MAC addresses of routers and their physical location. A MAC address is a unique number which is built-in to all network devices when manufactured. The Apple database is built and updated by GPS-enabled devices actually seeing your router and then adding/updating the router's location in the database. An Apple iPhone is an example of such a device.


    Bottom line: Your Router is location is old or incorrect in the Apple location database. Hopefully when it's correct location is seen and amended in the database this problem will disappear. There isn't any problem with your router or your iPad.

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    Thank you so much. Your reply made a lot of sense. Does that mean that if I have a GPS enabled device in close range connected to current location and then enable current location on a WIFI device there is a fair chance that the database may be corrected?

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    The device would probably have to be an iPhone or iPad with cellular capability.

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    Thanks again. I now need to find a friendly iphone but I have a couple in mind. Tahnks so much.

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    I Think I am having this same issue...how do I correct it?