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This is what happened


I am new to Time machine and I admmit I didn't fully understand how it works. I upgraded OS from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and before I did that I made a complete back up with Time machine. When I installed OS Mountain Lion I wanted to get some files back but not all. I saw that in the "Latest" folder all my files are there, however at the time I didn't know that this is just a shortcut to all my files, so I deleted all the folders except "Latest" and emptyed the trash. How nice. Little did I know that I deleted everything, but I found that in a second the trash was emptied.


I know that all the files are still there because I didn't overwrite or did anyting with my Time Machine ever since.


I beg you if anyone knows a safe way how to get them the files back, please do tell



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)