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In my address book

iPad 2, null
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    To add a contact touch the "+" icon.

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    True enough, but it's very time-consuming. In past OS versions (including Mavericks), there has been a way to display the contacts list and select multiple contacts by command-clicking the addresses to which the current message will be sent. A fast and easy way to get those email addresses selected.


    Now, the closest way to do it is to touch the plus at the far right end of the TO field. Problem is, it's a one-at-a-time process. Click on the name, the address appears, click on the address and it appears in the TO field. Go back to address list and repeat.


    In a couple of places I've found mention of an Address Panel that can be added to the mail display with Window --> Address panel. Apparently this list would allow selecting several email addresses at once. However, there's no such thing in my Window dropdown menu in Mail. This Address Panel feature is described in David Pogue's "OS X Yosemite: the Missing Manual" and also in a help item I found when I googled the issue.


    Am I missing something? I want to be able to control-click addresses from my contacts list in one operation. This one-at-a-time thing is a royal pain.

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    You're in the Using iPad Forum and your question appears to be for something other then an iPad. Do you want me to ask the hosts to move it and if so to which Forum ?

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    Oops you're correct. It would be great if you would ask the hosts to move it. It's a question about the Mail app in Yosemite.

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    I can't find a mail app in Yosemite Forum. I checked your bio page, would  the MacBook Pro Forum be OK ?

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    MacBook Pro would be fine, as long as it's clear that the Mail application in Yosemite is where the problem lies.


    There is, indeed, a native Mail application in Yosemite -- pre-installed. The icon is not the same as the icon on an iPad; it's a small image of a stamp: https://miapple.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Mac-OS-X-10.10-Yosemite-Mail-icon- 1024x1024.png


    The icon is on the Dock, when the Mac is fresh out of the box. The icon is the same on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I have both of those (though not upgraded to Yosemite) and also a new iMac, which is where I discovered the problem.

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    I'm going to have to suggest you start a new discussion in the MacBook Pro Forum. With the added information I don't think they can move both posts. I think you can best describe the problem if you combine the info and start fresh.

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    I've asked the hosts to move it to the Yosemite forum as Mail (and Contacts) is an integral part of the OS.


    Are you talking about adding a recipient in an email or are you referring to adding a new contact in your Contacts app (previously Address Book)?


    In a new message window, there is no need to use the + button - you can simply start typing a couple of letters of the name and all the choices should show.