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I have a "new iPad" (3rd gen) which won't sync music.  Used to all work fine, I didn't sync for a month and now no longer works. 


iTunes 11.0.1 on 10.8.2 on the iMac, and iOS 6.0.1 on the iPad.


When I tried to sync with iTunes it started telling me I could not longer sync. I was sailing close to the wind on capacity but what would happens is that once I plugged it in the status bar would momentarily doulble the volume of music it needed to sync (the blue) pushing it over the limit, and then fail.


I iPad now thinks  it has all these songs still, but when I try to play them it opens the track and realizes it doesn't have it and instantly skips to the next one, which it also doens't have.


Turned off music sync and back on, doesn't help.  Checked items will sync, but those unchecked "ghost" items take up space and stay in the list on the iPad.


I was getting error -50 but then I clicked Reset Warnings for some reason and now I know longer get that, although I am not sure if that is related or not.


Tried to restore, didnt fix.


Tried to sync via wifi and USB, no difference.


Reset the iPad (hold both buttons for 10 sec until the Apple logo comes up), nothing.


It's just insistant that there existing songs remain and won't be told otherwise.



Any ideas?