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hi all.


i am having a devil of a time on a deadline and am hoping for some advice. i am happy to buy some software if it will assist me in this process.


i am trying to send a bulk email announcement to a "double opt-in" newlsetter for my business. i am using a service that will not let me simply upload all the email addresses so i am expecting to do this in an email client.


does anyone know of an easy way to do this with CSV or VCF. I mean, is there some way to extract these emails with semicolons between them so i can past them into an email client in the BCC section? can i copy a whole column including email addresses and paste this into an email client somehow? is there another way??


i am aware of sending limits for most hosts and this is not spam.


TIA for any help


background 1: one problem is that i am not having an luck getting my database CardScan to let me select all my email addresses that i want to send a mail to. i /have/ tested this in the past and it was really convenient as it simply autopopulated my TO section of an email and i could cut and paste this into a BCC section. but right now when i try to do this i get errors when selecting for example 25 email that says that one of these is not a good email address. if i select each one /individually/ they all work though...


background 2: i /was/ on mac mail but i just switched to sparrow b/c Mail is apparently sending processes to my new website host. i can go back to Mail temporarily to get this set of emails out.

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