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I just got a new LaCie external 3TB hard drive connected to my Mac Pro via FireWire 800. I started using it as a secondary Time Machine backup drive, but when Time Machine is backing up to it, I cannot use my iSight camera with Messages. I am still using an external iSight camera which is plugged into an adapter for FireWire 400 to 800. I also have a WD external hard drive using FireWire 800 as my first Time Machine backup drive and have not had any problems with my iSight camera while using that. If I stop my Time Machine backup, I can use my iSight camera for a videochat, but I wonder if there is any fix for this problem. Or do I have to always do a workaround?


I don't think this should matter but the WD FW drive is plugged into the back of my MacPro and the LaCie is plugged into one of the front FW ports.

MacPro Quad-Core 2.66GHz, 4GB RAM, 4 internal SATA drives, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Airport Extreme, 30MB cable internet