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Joseph O\'Connor Level 1 (20 points)

Hi Guys

So I now have an external DVD player but the apple remote App for my iphone only works with Itunes. Does anyone have any ideas of a work around so that I can remotely control DVD player as we used to be able to do?



  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (53,625 points)

    The late 2012 iMacs do not have Infra Red, therefore your remote will not work with the machine. Please check the tech specs on the machine and you will notice no mention of an IR receiver is in them.

  • Joseph O\'Connor Level 1 (20 points)

    I know it has no IR receiver and that the Apple remote will no longer work. But the app for the iphone ( which i was assured by my Apple store would work ) doesnt work either. So how do we control dvd player remotely now?

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (53,625 points)

    Sorry I don't know the answer to that question, you have 90 days of Free AppleCare telephone support, this seems like as good a time as any to use it.

  • Joseph O\'Connor Level 1 (20 points)

    I have tried. They dont know.

    I was hoping one of us would know more.

  • Joseph O\'Connor Level 1 (20 points)


    Does nobody have any Idea?



  • Rudegar Level 7 (24,710 points)

    think the question should be to the maker of the player you are using now that it's not itunes

  • Joseph O\'Connor Level 1 (20 points)

    Ok I will try that. But does anyone know "in principle", is there a way of remotely controlling the DVD player application on the new iMacs?



  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    Can you play DVDs, Movies that is, through iTunes instead of the DVD Player App. Sorry I don't know as I never even open iTunes.

  • Joseph O\'Connor Level 1 (20 points)


    I tried it last night. It seems that I can only see music if I try to use the App solution and play with itunes.

    The Apple "Remote" App offers apple tv but I do not have any TV and pretty much have used my iMacs to date as a means of watching movies and viewing catch-up TV. I don't want to have to invest in yet another piece of hardware and buy a TV licence ( living in UK) just so that I can watch the occasional TV.


    I have tried using itunes to download and watch movies but they are horribly expensive compared to owning a dvd and require a really fast, unrestricted, broadband connection. Another issue is HD space for itunes downloaded movies. I was going to go for the 3TB fusion drive until I found out on the discussions that Bootcamp would not work with it so had to take a step back from that.


    The only reason I havent gone to Blu ray is because Apple have never supported it and the hardware/software options out there all seem unreliable or involve ripping the discs ( completely illegal). That is why I have stuck to DVD and now find myself really stuck.


    Anyway, I digress.

    It has been years since I have had to deal with any issues with a Mac so I am a little fed up. Apologies.


    Any knowledge on this would really be appreciated.



  • Flying-Orlando Level 1 (0 points)

    How about using the Magic Trackpad? Even the Wireless Keyboard that came with you iMac will allow you to pause (space) and fast forward/rewind (CMD-cursor keys) the movie. Works fine for me. In fact, I'm happy that the iMac and retina MacBookPro don't respond to the Appe Remote, as they would also do that when I use the remote for the Apple TV. BTW, I had similar issues about movies as you, but found a decent solution: Renting HD movies on iTunes through Apple TV on a projector (works well through a 16 MB/s ADSL), play DVDs with the USB Superdrive on the iMac or the projector and use the wireless keyboard to control DVD player. However, even though I have hundreds of DVDs, I find myself often renting a movie on iTunes that I have the DVD of, just because of the stunning 1080p images.

    BTW, a very good TV receiver for the Mac is Elgato EyeTV, available in several versions. Don't know about availablilty in the UK, though. That replaced our classic  SatTV set long ago on a 2006 17" MBP. It even streams the TV signal into your home wifi network, so you can watch TV on the iPad, or MBP anywhere in the house. Provided your wifi connection is excellent at the places where you want to watch TV.

    How are your chances to increase your broadband bandwidth? Seems more important to me than the missing IR receiver on the new Macs.

  • MichelPM Level 6 (10,645 points)

    There is a Remote app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that will remote control your entire Mac over WiFi

    It uses your iDevice as the remote and communicates with your Mac using a helper app you install onto your Mac.

    It's called


    Rowmote Pro



    I use this app both on my iPod Touch and iPad. Works great with all Macs

    I Have this installed on my 2009, 27 inch screen Intel iMac and it this was installed on my old 2003 PowerMac G4 MDD.

    This should solve any problems with either the new model iMacs without IR capability or iMacs whose IR signal and remote no longer function or Macs that normally do not have any IR remote capability.

    Good Luck!


  • Flying-Orlando Level 1 (0 points)

    That's cool! Now I can't decide wether to cotrol the DVD player with the Wireless Keyboard, the Magic Trackpad (or Magic Mouse for that matter) or Rowmote. I think, Rowmote will win, because the iPhone is the smalles of all of these devices.

    Thank's MichelPM, that was valuable input!

  • Joseph O_Connor Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes, very funny.

    I have tried the sitting with my wireless keyboard trying to watch a movie....... Great idea, really practical.

    I have also used my mouse, but I need to bring up the DVD player controller to just pause and it doesn't do anything with FF or RW, or volume. Another cracking idea.

    So I have tried the apps using my iPhone and I sit there and wonder "what on earth happened to common sense?"

    It's a phone! I'd like it to work better as a phone not fill in the gaps left by Apples current policy of de-specking every device they've got.

    If it really is so important to have all things smaller, slimmer and lighter how about a remote control that did what it should do and came in at about 60mm x 18mm x 5mm?


    And no, iTunes is not the answer. I am on a supposedly 30gb connection but no matter how much I complain rarely get more than 2mb. ( for all those in the UK, avoid Virgin Media!). So I look to other providers and find that if I download over 2.5gb it is called excessive use and get my connection strangled!

    No HD movies from iTunes then. I tried it last week and it took 6 hours before I could watch the movie.


    As an industrial designer I am keenly aware of things such as usability as well as the cost of IR receivers and their low power consumption. I also try to make things better. I graduated the same year as Jonny Ive and at tangerine and in his early days at Apple he did good work. Whatever happened to " with Apple, things just work"?


    I see no understanding of any of this coming out of Apple. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Maybe Apple need to take their own advice and "Think Different."


    Now we have to develop Apps to make their products work! I have been using Apple products since 1993. It's insane.

  • MichelPM Level 6 (10,645 points)

    You can rant all you want.

    I have given you a perfectly viable option and a very good app for remote controlling your iMac, if you own an iPhone or any other iDevice.

    Did you even try this app?

    It's a very good app and works with just about every media oriented app on your iMac!

    Your iPhone is a " smart phone" after all.

    What's is your flippin' issue with using your iPhone or any other iDevice as some other function or device?

    This is what these devices are designed for.

    Your using an Apple device to control another Apple device and it's a device you always have with you.

    It's not another little peripheral device that works with your Mac that you have to keep track of.

    Do you use Wifi on your iDevices and iMac?

    I Don't understand all of this ranting and raving.

    This is not that big a deal.

    The reason earlier iMacs had a dedicated IR remote and IR port was to remote control the Front Row app.

    Is Front Row still in OS X in OS X 10.8 Mt. Lion?

    You asked for a solution to the lack of an IR port and receiver, Other, as well as myself, have offered you solutions.

    Pick the best solution for you and use it!

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