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  • Joseph O_Connor Level 1 (5 points)

    A rant? Mmmm

    Yes, I have tried Rowmote and while it seems to work so far I am entitled to question the collective sanity of a company I care a lot about, namely Apple, but more particularly those making decisions on product specifications.

    If I remember right remotes came with the first iMacs, and it was a lot better than the current one. And I'd quite like my iPhone to work better as a phone, first and foremost.


    Q.Why do people like Evan Schoenberg even have to write Apps like this? (thanks by the way!)

    A. Because Apple are systematically de-functionalising their computers in this "post PC era" and getting us to pay extra to regain functionality. That bothers me and the issue of the remote, though small to some is indicative of wider issues.


    But I can’t be bothered with all this" they can do no wrong" and put downs from those who adhere to such.

    I am still holding out for some common sense to prevail (and a Mac Pro sometime this year ). In the meantime I will continue to hope that they will truly UPgrade it, unlike some recent product launches and continue to question them when they go off the rails.

    I have a fully paid up right to do so. Apple are part of my life. I stuck with them through the mess of 1994-97, often times since and still do today.


    Thank you for the answer to my question. No thank you for the vitriol

  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,428 points)

    You remember wrong.

    The original iMac all the way to the early 2006 models has no IR remote control.

    Remote control of iMac didn't come about, basically, until the switch to Intel CPUs, late 2006.

    I've been with and using Apple Macs since1993.

    Macs, for a longtime had no remote control capability built-in. At one point there were USB IR remote controllers for the Mac that were made by a company called Keyspan. I still have one of these. Stillmworks with my old Beige PowerMac G4 upgraded G3 desktop  and my PowerMac G4 MDD desktop tower.

    Although later iMacs came with an IR remote capability, didn't Apple start making the remote, itself, a paid option to have?

    While I do not like the fact that Apple did away with features in the new iMac, like the SuperDrive, I completely understand why they did it. The optical drive model they were using, in later model iMacs, failed prematurely and weren't a very good model or reliable an optical drive and, probably,cost Apple a lot of money to replace these under warranty.

    I don't like that they did away with the digital audio input, though. That frosts my flakes!

    Again, the point I am trying to make with the iPhone, regardless of how good a "phone" it is or is not, is that it is always with you and therefore a convienient device to do other things with.

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