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I'm going a little crazy.  All the G-Tech drives I'm buying have problems.  I'm able to return most of them.


1.  G-Drive 4TB  This is the one I'm probably going to keep.  But it makes a sound like its spinning up when its accessed.  Frequently. 

And sometimes you have to wait til it spins at top speed to do things.  I'm not happy about this noise.


2.  GRAID 1.   Went dead.  Returned.


3.  GRAID 2.  Just this morning the Mac said "can't repair drive".  All I could do is reformat.  This is going back.


4. GRAID 3.  This one stops a copy when it's being copied to.  "can't do it."  Then you pick up where you left off.  This is going back.


I'd send the first one, the G-Drive back but I need a drive to hold stuff and it'll be past the time for return.  Unless I finesse it.


I like G-RAIDS and I have had success with smaller ones for many years.

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    I gave up on G-Raid a few years ago after problems and lackadaisical support.


    After that I moved to Caldigit and have no complaints.


    That said, neither g-raid or caldigit make hard drives - just the enclosures. It could just be a bad run of drives. The real issue is how the enclosure company deals with it.


    Good luck.



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    GTech underwent a change in ownership a few years back. The drives I owned "back when" were excellent. Some issues since then,



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    I'm really sorry to hear about the ownership change.  I bought my first in 2006 and it was great.  I chalked up three bad G-Raids from Amazon sellers to the G-Tech tech support guy today and I sensed his jaw went limp.   There wasn't much he could say to me. All returnable through Amazon.


    I don't know why, maybe it's my concept of costs, I'm sticking with G-Tech and buying from B&H.  I don't know if I could easily swap in a Caldigit.  I've heard about larger RAID arrays.  They sound expensive.


    There's also the G-drive I mentioned.  Sleep problem.  He said he expects a firmware update for that.  So I'm hanging on.


    Considering what I've gone through, I feel very unfortunate, as well as quite nuts.