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Has anyone else had this issue, maybe I'm doing something wrong.


Going from Aperture to email is something I do often. Usually I use the "share" menu button and select "email". I do this after selecting a series of images I want to insert into my email.


For whatever reason, the images are never inserted in order. They always come out all over the place and not in the sequence I selected in the Aperture browser. This is problematic when you want to include many pictures, re ordering them in the email is a pain.


The other thing I can do to preserve the order of selection, is drag and drop images into Mac Mail. BUT THEY GET INSERTED WITH NO LINE BREAKS using this method. So your email looks like jigsaw puzzles. Breaking apart all your pictures and adding line breaks is as much fun as getting athlete's foot.


Also, drag and dropping is weird when you want to resize, the resize button never seems to work or acts strangely.


THE OTHER THING, why is there no option in Mac Mail itself to resize individual pictures easily. You can resize all the images not individually. Why not have the option when you select a picture in your email, to size it small, medium, large -- leaving the others the same size.


If I'm missing something here, let me known -- maybe, I'm not doing somthing right.


Any help, appreciated.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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