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does anyone know why my preview screen freezes when im using picture in picture pre keyed footage? It only freezes as long as the pre keyed footage are overlapping and the soundtrack is not freezing? When I export everything is fine, but its diffecult to time the effects to perfection when you cant get a preview?

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    Right-click (or Control-click) on the relevant clip or clips in the associated Event. In the pop-up menu that appears, provided the option is available, select Optimize Video. Choose the most suitable size if more than one size is offered (for example, Full - Original Size or Large - 960 x 540).


    Optimizing the video may fix the problem you are seeing with the Picture in Picture feature. It usually does the trick when this type of issue arises with the Cutaway feature.



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    Hi John,


    Thank you for your suggestion - Now it doesnt freeze up anymore, but the PIP still wont appear in the preview window:/