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How can I covert m4a to mp3 on itunes?

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    The procedure has changed slightly with iTunes 11.  See this guide:



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    Here's the problem (from the referenced article):


    Important:   You can convert iTunes Store purchases only if they’re iTunes Plus songs.

    So to be clear, even if I BUY a release on iTunes, I am STILL not able to convert it to MP3 unless it is in some more costly iTunes Plus format?! The 2 releases I just bought aren't even available in this Plus format. This is absolutely absurd! This means I'm basically buying music to play in iTunes and other Apple products, but NONE of my other devices? In other words, it's not mine, even after I buy it.


    iTunes just lost another customer. I've never heard of anything more ridiculous.

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    To convert a song to different file format




    I hope that helps, Kapoor

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    Kapoor, the article you referenced if from 2008 and does not apply to the latest version of iTunes (v11).

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    I've just confirmed a work-around using the following steps with iTunes 11.0.1 (12). These steps worked for me on 2 albums that were not letting me convert to MP3 since they aren't iTunes Plus songs.


    1. Create a playlist of the songs on the album
    2. Burn the playlist to disc (yes, a physical CD)
    3. Import the CD into iTunes using MP3 import settings


    I didn't think iTunes would allow burning the songs to disc if it wouldn't allow converting them to MP3, but it did. Not sure how long this will last (or how long the absurdity of not being able to convert M4A/ACC files to MP3 will last), but give it a shot.

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    The answer is use ALL2MP3 it is a free application. After installintg it open itunes highlight you music drag all of it to the ALL2MP3 Icon and let it do it's thing. once done go you your Itunes directory  and you will see that each song is duplicated. In your search bar in itunes enter mp3 then only mp3 songs will be listed. highlight the songs and drag them tou you device or drag them to a folder wala you done. If you don't like the duplicated drag the mp3's to tarsh.

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    I went to Preferences and changed my Import Settings to mp3. Then I right clicked (control click for mac users) the songs that were m4a and selected Create MP3 version. Hope that helps someone. I have the mac version of iTunes 11.3