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It's pretty much all photos except for a total of about 5 minutes of video. As a result, I can't back-up to iCloud. I've read through the forums and discussions but can't really find anything short of deleting the photos.


Is the memory right for the quantity of photos and what should I do?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Seems a bit high.  Photos are generally about 3-4.5MB.  If they were all large, 300 photos would be about 1.35GB.  My 15 sec. video is 41.2MB; extrapolating to 5 minutes would be 824MB.  That would total about 2.2GB, not 4.2.


    If you're trying to reduce the size of your backup, you can import the photos and videos to your computer (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083), then either delete them from your phone, or exclude them from youriCloud backup (Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage>tap your device in the backups list, then turn Camera Roll to Off under Backup Options).

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    Thanks randers4.


    Can you also possibly tell me if backing up is done as an individual amount on iCloud or does each back up contribute to the total storage space? What I mean is are back-ups replaced or overwritten?

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    Apple documentation indicates that your last 3 iCloud backups are retained.  I suspect the entire backups aren't retained, but just the changed files so it probably isn't taking as much space as 3 entire backups.  But I haven't seen any written documentation on these specifics.