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I've been through all the forums, tried all the solutions provided and I have come to the conclusion that Home Sharing just no longer works between iTunes on a PC and my Apple TV.  Does anyone know if this issue will be addressed or should I list my Apple TV up on eBay?  (along with my iPad, iPod, and iPhone, since all system no longer sync together as before.)


My issue:

My iTunes library is no longer listed under "Computers" on the Apple TV.

The airplay icon no longer shows up in iTunes. (Version 11)

I cannot play music/content from my iPhone or iPad via remote that is stored in my iTunes library through my Apple TV. 

I can however play music/content that is stored locally on my iPhone and iPad through my Apple TV.


My firewall settings are allowing access to Apple TV.

After logging into my router, I see no issues there.

I've logged in/out, turned home sharing on/off, de-authorized/authorized, and restarted my PC, Apple TV, and Router.

All devices are logged into the same iTunes account, and are on the same wireless network.


Time for a solution Apple.

Windows 7
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    If you turn off wifi on your  Computer and connect it to the apple tv using an ethernet cable can you see your library under computers in Apple TV.


    If yes the issue is with your wifi not the Apple TV


    You may want to try the troubleshooting article


    I also found this article


    iTunes Home Sharing Not Working


    Not working and sometimes when it is working, it cuts out in the middle, or when you click on the computer name, the focus goes away from the library.  In other words, really weird.

    What it is
    iTunes has a feature called "Home Sharing" - it basically allows you to share your entire or part of your library with other instances of iTunes in your home network.  It requires you to login to your iTunes account on both computers.  A typical scenario is to enable Home Sharing on your desktop machine and then access the library from your iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, Mac, etc.

    In my case, I have iTunes on my desktop machine running Windows XP in the attic with Home Sharing enabled and then I access the library from my Macbook and Apple TV, depending on what I want.  How to use Home Sharing can be found here.


    • Home Sharing machine not showing up in Apple TV or the Macbook
    • The Macbook home sharing not showing up on my desktop
    • Home Sharing working intermittently
    • Connections getting cut of intermittently
    • Usually, restarting iTunes or the desktop computer will make things work.
    • Sometimes, restarting the Macbook or the Apple TV will make things work.
    • The "working" doesn't last long

    The FixOn the desktop computer where the Home Sharing is enabled, I disabled the "QoS Packet Scheduler" from the network connection:

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Network Connections
    3. Right-Click on your connection (in my case, it was "Wireless Network Connection 4"
    4. Select Properties
    5. Uncheck "QoS Packet Scheduler"
    6. Click OK
    7. Restart iTunes if necessary
    After doing the above, Home Sharing worked like a charm.


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    Thanks for the reply. 


    I turned off my wifi, plugged directly into my Apple TV with an Ethernet cable.  When I opened the computers app on the Apple TV, a message displayed telling me it was searching for my library (used the name of my library) but the could not find it. I could however play music from iTunes via the airplay icon that reappeared once I plugged into the Ethernet. 


    My iPhone and iPad both connect to the Apple TV without problem, so it doesn't seem like it's a wifi issue, especially since this was all working fine just a week ago.


    I've also tried disabling my windows firewall to no avail. 

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    If you're using a wireless router, make sure to disable IGMP Proxy.  This will allow your connection to go through and easily share your content with your Apple TV. 

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    I had this issue the other day very frustrating. Turned off Home Sharing on all computers and devices. Turned it back on and everything worked as before.


    amiracle8 makes a good suggestion but i think it only applies if you have a Verizon FIOS Mind you I'm English and we do not have Verizon over here so I could be completely wrong

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    I am storing my iTunes lib on a Drobo which is connected via FW to my Mac Pro - from there it should be accessable via Home Sharing. Unfortunately either my (Apple Extreme) Network or the Apple TV's (or...?) are slowing down the stream to an extent where watching a video becomes impossible.

    1. For some reason (other than verifying one's ID) Home Sharing requires to stay connected to the internet...

    2. Both Apple TV's have to be restarted quite often (showing Home Sharing on but no library available)

    3. the Apple Network throughtputs are below the possibilities of Airport Extreme Stations (between a couple and 400 KB/s; peak 1.3 MB).


    I am not sure what is causing the delay of the data stream - it just doesn't work...(most of the time)

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    That did the trick.  And I do have Verizon Fios.


    Thanks @amiracle78!

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    So I think I figured out my issue. I have had zero issues for 8 days straight. I had my network set to a "public network" in Windows 7 "Network and Sharing" Center. Under public networks I did not have Bonjour Services "allowed" through the firewall. I switched my computer to a "home or private network" and since then have had no issues regardless if my computer was sleeping or not. We have used our Apple tv2 4-6 times a day for 8 days.