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I have looked on line for a clue to whats going on.  It seems to be happening to many people and there seem to be no easy fix.  This is a monitor purchased less than 18 months ago. I don't currently have the money to dish out another $1000.  Is this the life expectancy of this monitor?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Mine worked fine for 2 years. Then for a couple/few weeks it would briefly flash black, so brief I was not sure I was even seeing it.The it got a little more frequent, and then at the end would just go to black. If I unplugged it and plugged it back in it would work for a few minutes and then flicker and go black again.


    There are basically, three parts to these monitors:


    661-5542 LCD Panel 27" LED Backlit $794

    661-5543 Power Supply $128

    661-5544 Logic Board $124


    Some have had luck replacing their power supply from a 3rd party source. I did not suspect the power supply since my laptop was plugged into the monitor and it was still charging and the USB ports were still working.


    I took it into the Apple Store, out of warranty, hoping for the best. I was able to get it to flicker in the store, but left before it got warm enough to black out. We surmised it was the logic board - $128 + $39 labor + tax.


    They replaced the LCD Panel and the Logic Board. While quite dismayed about the situation, I feel like they took care of me.

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    Thank you, from what I understand, when my monitor goes black and the power to my laptop stops that means the likely fix is a new power supply.  I understand that there are lemon laws that protect consumers from manufacture defects that occur within two years of purchase.  Does anyone know if this applies in New Mexico?

    Does anyone know if this defect in the power supply has been remedied or am I just spending $200 for another year and a half of monitor use?

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    In general, and I'm not a lawyer, you buy a product and it has a warranty. I think one year is short for a $1000 monitor - Dell and HP offer 3 year warranties on their upscale IPS hi-res displays, but, regardless, it's one year with the Cinema Display.


    If the warranty runs out, then, it's on you to fix it.


    Now, if you buy a new product, and I'm only generalizing here and again, I am not a lawyer, but when you buy a new product and it breaks you take it in for warranty covered repairs. Then say it breaks again, and you get it fixed under warranty, and then it breaks again, while under warranty. Now you can start to press for a lemon law. You bought a new product, and even though it is covered under warranty, it's not acting like a new product and you are spending a lot of time getting it fixed and are without the use of the product while it is in for repairs.


    So, if you are out of warranty, and this is the first issue, then, it's pretty much on you to get it fixed, again, disclaiming myself from anything resembling legal advice here.

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    Same problem here. Cinema Display randomly goes black. Unplugging it works most of the time. Sometime it takes longer to get on again. Usb peripherals still works when it goes black. Very annoying, Apple.

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    Apple wanted me to replace both the logic board and the LCD display too, but Isn't that almost as much as what a new monitor would cost you? I had them first try just the logic board and they tried to push for both, but I didn't want both. They tried just the logic board and were getting the same issues. In this case I didn't have to pay anything to find out that it's most likely the LCD pannel. Don't let them replace both, just get a new monitor if it's the LCD pannel.


    There should be a class action suit for this. Way too may people having the same issues with a 2 year old monitor. I bought my 27" display in January of 2011.

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    My 27 inch MC007LL/A A1316 LED Display 12,000 JP Y , from HARDOFF ! a recycle shop there was no plug so the guy gave me a square Power Mac Plug so I got them to cut it by 30% ,then a week after I found a  a plug cord ,I reckon it was the missing plug and I reckon that the owner gave up on it ,because of this problem ,last month suddenly power went out ,no power in the recharger , no broken parts,it had been on sleep since Sep 2014 and even a power outage last month when I had to flip up the stopper,it still worked , it is a power problem, because I waited 30 minutes and plugged it in and it works again .Why ? I spent hours reading all these posts on power failures ,The power unit makes heat and even a Fan can not get rid of it so ,in order that the power unit does not burn out it will shut down simple as that. Do you think that such a Power unit will keep on going with  power and keep cool  even a Fan will get hot from going full speed to cool something so shut down cool off until it is cool and then return to the Factory settings. Heat is the biggest killer of Electronic parts if they get clogged up with micro dust they cause mini shorts and water vapour ,condensation,humidity,if you notice there are grills for letting out heat but also let in dust from garments that stick to static parts and water from condensation that also cause shorts on the motherboard and defects in parts ,remember the G5 Taiwan caps that Apple managed to hide? I have taken apart 2 x 20 inch G5 s junk and found dust caked on them