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I'm trying to import a few movies into iTunes.  I used HandBrake to rip them (used AppleTV preset).  Previously, I've imported them by going to Add to Library. But this time it isn't working...  I also tried to drag and drop into iTunes (as per another thread).  When I checked the iTunes Media folder (in home movies) all the movies are there, but they don't show up in Library.  What am I doing wrong?   The only thing I've done differently this time was using the Apple TV preset, previously I've used Regular Normal - could that be the issue????

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    If your personal Home Movies are encoded to a different format using Handbrake and the Apple TV2 preset. when imported they should appear under Home Videos


    If you want them to appear in a different section then you can change the Media Kind under Preferences, Options from Home Video to Movie


    Alternatively you could set this value before sending it to itunes using  a product like Subler where you can set the medi kind and the other hidden tag of Explicit or Clean if you wish.


    Then save it and from within Subler File > Send to iTunes


    It will copy it into itunes in the right place


    remember it is illegal to rip commercial DVDs it is only allowed for personal Home Videos that you put on a dvd

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    Thank you for your reply.  They are home videos therefor I want them in that folder.  The problem is they are not showing in iTunes (movies OR home videos), yet the files are in the iTunes home videos folder. 

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    I was having the same problem today with a m4v file. After a bit of searching around I found that manually putting it in iTunes' "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder did the trick. All of my earlier attempts to drag the movie into iTunes showed up as well (in the Home Movies category). I deleted the extra copies and added my own meta data.


    Found on this site: http://johandry.blogspot.com/2013/01/digitalize-dvds-with-handbrake-for.html


    " just copy the movie to the folder 'iTunes Media/Automatically Add to iTunes' located in the iTunes Library folder, usually in the /Users/username/Music folder but you may have it in other location even in an external hard drive. "