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but which one is best with use on iphone5?  I've read a few articles today on the iphone5 having a bug in them that allows drive by hackers into these phones and the owner of the phone never knows they've been violated.  Well, I think this has already happened to me and I want a program that will really stop anyone already in my phone and anyone in future from getting into my phone and getting my personal emails, messages, location, my photo's and other private information.  Nothing makes me more angry than this subject.  Oh yeah, and I have only one more attempt to guess my password for the sim lock on my phone.  It seems someone else helped themselves to making me a password on my phone for the sim card and as of now it is unlocked.  So I can't lock it cuz I don't know this password.  ANY one have some suggestions for me on these subjects?   THANK YOU!


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iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Avoid them all


    They are worthless


    They do nothing but cause trouble for you



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    You need no security software.


    Not sure why you are so paranoid. 


    Your iphone is not hacked unless you hack it.

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    Whatever article you read is false, iPhones cannot be hacked, unless you jailbroke it. Android and other phones have malware, iPhones do not, unless again, you jailbroke it.

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    First and most important security info: Don't let other people set passcodes on your phone.

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    There is no virus on iPhone and iPhone do not use sim to store anything.

    Do not believe what you read on the Internet, the iPhone is safe. Just don't let someone else use your iPhone.

    UNLESS your iPhone was hacked or jailbroken, you have nothing to worry about.

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    Stop being paranoid. You have already posted the question. It has been answered, much in the same vein as it has been on this thread.

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    thanks  Allan.  You're probably right on that.


    and to my other responders. Yeah, that's the problem. My phone suddenly was missing about a month ago for a few hours and then turned up in my garage.  But 2 other people helped me look for it and knew it wasn't in my garage where I found it.  Since then I try to never let it out of my sight. And the screen locks right away which (is a pain in the butt when you're getting directions driving LOL-i know I should have changed the settings but I never know when I'l need to get help getting somewhere-i'm blonde what can I say.) before it was missing it was set for 5 minutes before it locked.   I wanted to just blow it off as someone living in my house was curious about who I'd been talking to earlier.  But now I feel that instead of wondering it's best to just use the resourses I have if I just take the time out of my day to use it.  I just made an appointment with Apple  to take in my phone and computer for a check up.  Thanks for your imput.  I appreciate it very much.

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    Restore your iphone as new.