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but which one is best with use on iphone5?  I've read a few articles today on the iphone5 having a bug in them that allows drive by hackers into these phones and the owner of the phone never knows they've been violated.  Well, I think this has already happened to me and I want a program that will really stop anyone already in my phone and anyone in future from getting into my phone and getting my personal emails, messages, location, my photo's and other private information.  Nothing makes me more angry than this subject.  Oh yeah, and I have only one more attempt to guess my password for the sim lock on my phone.  It seems someone else helped themselves to making me a password on my phone for the sim card and as of now it is unlocked.  So I can't lock it cuz I don't know this password.  ANY one have some suggestions for me on these subjects?   THANK YOU!


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