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I am looking into the purchase of a looping machine, i.e. Boss RC-300 , just to be able to make music quicker and then transport it to Logic to add more and edit etc.


I have read some reviews about mainstage - will this be equally as good? And does it have to be used in conjunction with logic?


Finally if I do get a looping machine like the Boss rc 300, how would this connect to an m-audio fast track ultra interface, for recording in logic as well as playback though monitors?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You have logic?  Do you have the appstore version of it- or the boxed (which would come with MS2 already).  If you don't own MS2 already, just pick it up- it's cheap and worth it for everything else it comes with.  You will spend 10x more to get the RC300.