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Can the apple store replace my iphone 5 if the on off sleep button being unresponsive and only the left side works and if I got my phone from sprint and it's about 3 months old?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    It's in warranty, so it will be replaced. If those problems are caused by an accident, you will have to pay $229 to get a refurbished iPhone 5. If not, you will get a refurbished iPhone for free

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    Thanks, oh and one more question if I replace my iphone will apple set up my new iphone or will I have to go to the carrier I got it from? Oh and what do I need to take with me to the apple store? Just my iphone or something else?

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    Backup the current iPhone before going to the store to either iTunes or iCloud.

    Once you have the new device, restore it from backup.  No need to involve the carrier.


    Take only the phone, do not take any accessories, you will not be getting replacement accessories, only the phone.