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Hi Folks,

I'm a NAS Newbie and wanted some advice for choosing a 2 bay NAS.  I'm down to to options: the Synology DS 213 or DS213Air. Here are my requirements:


  1. Mac Compatible
  2. Allows local and remote (via Internet) file access
  3. iPhone/iPad compatible
  4. Time Machine multi device capable (need to backup several Macs and a PC)
  5. Able to stream videos (especially MKV format)
  6. Reliable and well built
  7. Expandable
  8. Energy efficient
  9. Relatively fast
  10. USB 3.0



I plan to use this initially with a Netgear N750 gigabit router and connect my two macbook pro's wirelessly to the router.  I have two 3 TB WD Green Cavier hard drives which I intend to set up as Raid 1.0.


I did a general compare of the two NAS server and the 213 has a faster processor (2.0 over 1.6), more memory (512 over 256) and more input options (extra usb 3.0 input plus SD card input) while the 213air has wifi.  I read somewhere that you can actually attach a wifi dongle on the 213, however, i'm not sure if it would perform the same as the 213air or have the same wireless feature set.  

I want to ensure there aren't any NAS hardware related wireless performance issues as I want to use Time machine over wifi and don't want it to take forever.  If the wireless speed is throttled due to my NAS hard drives and router than I will likely go with the 213air as i like the option of having wireless capability.  If wireless performance will be throttled due to a slower processor and less RAM, i'll go with the 213. 


Any thoughts or suggestions?  Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a bit of newbie at this and have done a little bit of research on this, however, Icouldn't find any performance benchmarks for the 213 and 213air.  



Thanking everyone's help in advance!





BTW:  I sorta hijacked this post from another fellow who was interested in a 4 bay Synology so some of this may sound familiar, however, i am looking for advice on a different model.

















I have

MacBook Pro
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    After some more research i think i've found an answer to my question....

    It appears that the main data throughput bottleneck will be the wireless connection to the MBP's.  I will need to connect directly to the router via ethernet to speed up my time machine back ups.  For what it's worth I think i'll give the 213Air a try.

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    John, can you tell me your thoughts now that you've used it awhile?  I'm trying to make the same decision, can't really see myself using the wifi portion of 213air much, unless I'm travelling once a year, but all the performance differences between 213, 213+ and air seem pretty minimal, so wondering if you had any more advice now?